resurge, humic

Resurge is a low-dust granule that provides growers with humic compounds engineered to improve nutrient efficiency and strengthen plant growth. Resurge contains the highest concentration of humic acids available from specific, high-quality ore sources. It helps prevent tie-up and releases nutrients bound in the soil. In nitrogen applications, Resurge also helps reduce leaching and volatilization.

With easy handling and compatibility with dry fertilizer, including urea, Resurge's uniform shape and size allows for even distribution in the fertilizer blend and across the acre. The low-dust granule breaks down quickly in the soil to deliver stronger in-season crop results and improve yield potential.

Resurge Highlights:

  • Low-dust granule with the highest concentration of humic acids from specific, high-quality ore sources
  • Uniform shape & size for even distribution in the fertilizer blend & across the acre
  • Helps improve soil quality & health
  • Improves nutrient efficiency for stronger in-season crop results & increased yield potential
  • Easier handling through fertilizer equipment
  • Optimizes applications of all types of fertilizer, including urea
  • Can be applied by broadcast, air broadcast, air seeder & banded applications

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